About The Flamebearer

High Romance
The Lovers, Ciaran and Evaine

Abandoned in infancy by his Faery mother, the Cambrian prince, Ciaran ap Morgan, loses his beloved father to death at the hands of Norman border lords when he is still a boy. Raised by his mortal uncle and trained as a warrior, he hungers for blood and glory, driven by a fierce desire for revenge and a restless, fiery spirit.

His destiny changes the moment he meets Evaine, the human girl he calls his “dark lady.” Despite his best-laid plans, he finds instead of longing for battle, he dreams of nothing but love.

For the maiden Evaine, the future holds little expectation for joy. In a culture notorious for its glorification of war and long-standing devaluation of the Feminine, she resigns herself to a life of sacrifice in a loveless union arranged by her family to deter hostilities along the March. The enigmatic prince breaks open her heart, awakening her to a promise of love she had never dared to dream.

As the preordained wedding approaches, the two confess to a mysterious and overpowering attraction akin to the reuniting of souls. The inexperienced lovers find themselves in a dramatic struggle against the tide of circumstances and events. Despite the danger, do they dare cross the ruthless overlord, Lionel de Barre, to follow the path of their hearts? Are they willing to gamble everything on the strength of their fragile connection and risk provoking a bloody war they cannot hope to win?

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