I’m still having trouble figuring out Eireen’s birth sign. She’s earthy and sensual with a business-like approach to her profession. Good money management and an innate ability to judge a man’s character have allowed her to create a relatively comfortable lifestyle for herself. Over the years she has managed to accumulate a few heirloom quality pieces of furniture which she cherishes. She exhibits the vivacious, outgoing nature of a Fire or Air sign while keeping her more vulnerable emotions safe inside. She is playful, flirtatious, and genuinely enjoys acting as hostess to her “guests”. She is known for taking the time to treat them to whatever entertainment they desire. She is well-versed in herbal lore and can put together a remedy or charm in record time. “Eirene’s pantry” has earned a reputation among the villagers as a source of magic and healing.

Abandoned at the tender age of fourteen, she did what she had to in order to survive. Aware of the effect her natural beauty and a curvaceous, full figure has on men, she has put these assets to good use and has taken care to look after her own state of health and has not neglected her looks. Her nurturing, affectionate personality coupled with the wisdom to take advantage of the kindness of strangers has held her in good stead and in fact, is part of what attracts the usually reserved, detached Bruce. He is impressed by her self-sufficiency and her sensible, down-to-earth approach. Her generosity of spirit takes him quite by surprise, however, and the fact that she does not judge or shame him, but welcomes him warmly into her home transforms his initial impression of her. He responds easily to the way she delights in offering him a variety of enticing experiences to help him relax and maximize his sensual pleasure.

I’ve toyed with the notion of giving her the sign of Scorpio, which is, of course, the sign associated with sex, mystery, and hypnotic attraction. It is also the opposite of the sign Taurus, a classic romantic combination. Eirene is far from secretive, vengeful, or controlling, which Scorpio can often be. As a fixed water sign, Scorpio can become manipulative and can be downright spiteful if their feelings have been hurt by a loved one. This is not how Eirene behaves. She is not above working a bit of love magic behind the scenes to influence the Powers That Be to encourage a relationship to go the way she wants it to.

She does express some of the qualities of a Moon Child, in that she can be changeable and quite funny at times. But she isn’t known for weepiness, dewy-eyes expectations, or a tendency to cling. The crab can be extremely tenacious in matters of the heart, digging in those famous pincers and refusing to let go, even if the relationship has become painful and abusive. She does possess the Cancerian love of heirlooms and treasured mementos.

Her Venusian love of beauty and sensuality are found in the Venus-ruled earth sign Taurus. as well as the Venusian air sign, Libra.  I’ve already given the sign of Libra to Evaine, who embodies the opposite qualities of her Mars-ruled Aries lover, Ciaran.  Eirene exhibits none of the passivity of Evaine, however. A cardinal air sign, Libra can be somewhat detached emotionally, while presenting all the trappings of romance – candlelight, pleasant aromas, colors and textures meant to stimulate the senses, love poems and romantic music and all the rest.

Eirene’s personality, while seemingly grounded in the practical, can sometimes become a bit flighty and abstract when swept up in the excitement of a new love affair. Anxiety provokes her to over-consult her Tarot cards, which ends in conflicting readings which only add to her anxiety.  Unlike earth and water signs, air signs tend to analyze their feelings rather than experience them.

I suppose there is no rule that says I can’t have two Libra feminine lead characters. The sign seems to fit her better than any of the others I have prescribed for her. Like Evaine, she has a wonderful, lilting, musical laugh, although Eirene’s also contains an earthy sensuousness to it at times.



Suffice it to say, she is still evolving as a character. So far, I am leaning toward Libra as the most likely Astrological energy for her. She is at best a blend of archetypes, which gives her more depth as a character but presents more of a challenge to the author (me) in predicting her future emotional reactions and behavior. So far, I am completely captivated by the flow of energy between these two incongruous, but destined lovers.


In considering this character’s attitudes and behaviors, I have begun to consider the mutable earth sign Virgo as a possibility for Eirene. While The Virgin seems an unlikely choice for a lady of the night, let us remember that “The Virgin” does not necessarily connote lack of experience, but rather, one who is complete within herself. This fits Eirene’s independence and sense of wholeness. She is practical, down-to-earth, and sensible while at the same time dedicated to service. She has a tendency to compartmentalize her emotions, and can fall into the habit of analyzing her feelings instead of feeling them. She is organized, focused, and likes to remain in control of the situations she finds herself in. However, she does like to have a good time and is not entirely opposed to letting herself go in certain circumstances. While she remains somewhat mistrustful, she would like nothing better than to allow the right man to lead her. The attraction she feels for the Bruce (Taurus, The Bull) overwhelms her at times, which throws her usual equanimity into chaos.