The Bruce Character Development

Taurus the Bull – Earth Sign – Planetary Ruler – Venus
April 20th through May 21st
I just discovered that The Highlander’s birth sign is actually TAURUS, The Bull – ruled by the planet Venus – which gives him a May birthday. I initially imagined him as CANCER, The Crab, ruled by the Moon, but the more I thought about him and his quiet, introverted personality, the less lunar he seemed to me. Moods? Oh yes, but not the Moon Madness kind of giddy, hysterical mania that can overtake The Crab at times. He is much earthier and slow-moving than the typical Crab. Despite his great size, he possesses a strong, powerful, well-proportioned physique and maintains total authority over his physical senses whether in battle or in bed.

His path is through the body. He does not transcend the flesh. He revels in it, glows in it, celebrates it. Taurus must touch. That is basic. He finds the world through his senses, through his skin, through his fingertips.

He possesses an innate aversion to drama, a suspicion of complexity. He lives. He lets live. He settles back in his favorite chair. He feels the crisp taste of a perfect apple crunching in his mouth. He sees his children. He feels the solidness of his house and the efficiency of his body. And in some inexplicable way, he feels something no other sign can feel in quite the same way. He feels reverence.
Silence. Taurus is the most taciturn of all the signs. His essence is opposed to words, untranslatable into language. Silence breeds simplicity and simplicity breeds peace.
From Skymates, The Astrology of Love, Sex, and Intimacy by Steven Forrest and Jodie Forrest

The Bruce Character tags:

reserved, shy, restrained, uncommunicative, unforthcoming, tight-lipped, close-lipped, close-mouthed, secretive, taciturn, silent, quiet, diffident
His ruling planet, Venus, also imparts the following characteristics, not immediately visible to the naked eye: ardent, passionate, fervent, vehement, intense, earnest, eager, enthusiastic, heartfelt, sincere, zealous
He is not an easy man to get to know, but patience coupled with keen powers of observation and the willingness to learn his unspoken, kinesthetic language yield results well worth waiting for: Kindness, thoughtfulness, warmth, patience, affection, tolerance, gentleness, protectiveness.
According to Linda Goodman, The Taurus man is a slow starter in romance. Though he has an enormous capacity for love, it doesn’t burst into verbal or physical commitment overnight. Once it does blossom, however, it flowers beautifully, and usually permanently.Most Taurus men (not all, but most) don’t experience love in its total sexual and emotional fullness until they’re out of their teens (or even years later than that), long after their buddies have chalked up scores of “conquests,” live in affairs and a few marriages. But never forget that the Bull is enormously capable of making up for lost time, and the depth and intensity of his love is well worth waiting for. This man will not yield his complete self until the right woman arrives on the scene. He’ll take his good old time deciding, but his surrender, when it comes, is often instant, and his fidelity is eternal – if he isn’t pushed beyond great endurance by the incorrigible behavior of his partner.
“Observing him more closely, she began to understand that he communicated through touch rather than through the spoken word. He expressed himself indirectly through a complex lexicon of sighs, murmurs, grumbles, grunts, and mutterings. She imagined that in his introverted world, he must be finely attuned to the subtlest variations in his body’s tactile experience and she guessed that together with his sensual awareness, he also harbored many shades of emotion which were seldom expressed. She found herself reflecting on what a lonely life he must have lived. Intrigued by the mystery of this inscrutable stranger, Eireen set aside these musings, convincing herself that they must be the result of his “barley-bree” in combination with her elderberry wine.”