Archetypes as Guides to Character Development

Many systems exist as ways to organize and classify types of human behavior.  Astrology is perhaps one of the most ancient. Due to its revival in modern times, the twelve signs of the zodiac are familiar to most people on a rudimentary level. Following is a brief description of each of the Sun signs. Later we will examine each in more depth.

The Flamebearer’s Male Characters

Character Comparisons CIARAN - NATURALLY TANTRIC, Ciaran is a richly complex character, with elements of both strength and vulnerability, an almost naive emotional honesty, and a deeply felt need for love and intimacy. He is very direct, looking not just at you, but into you and through you, expressing an unfeigned desire to know you … Continue reading The Flamebearer’s Male Characters

Puppies for the Gryffin

A new scene idea: The Bruce comes upon two young boys (the oldest about nine, the youngest, about seven) carrying between them a hand-woven short-handled basket. Inside the basket, the Bruce observes a coarse burlap satchel which appears to be writhing and squirming on its own. He learns from the brothers that the sack contains a litter of newborn puppies.