Archetypes as Guides to Character Development

Many systems exist as ways to organize and classify types of human behavior.  Astrology is perhaps one of the most ancient. Due to its revival in modern times, the twelve signs of the zodiac are familiar to most people on a rudimentary level. Following is a brief description of each of the Sun signs. Later we will examine each in more depth.

Multiple Storylines, Future Possibilities

  The Flamebearer - Sequel or Separate Volume? So far, I'm just going with my gut. (They call this "seat-of-the-pants"  story-crafting) One possible scenario is to allow each of the characters to go on with their lives, for better or worse, most of them surviving into what would have been a ripe old age in … Continue reading Multiple Storylines, Future Possibilities

Book Two Teaser

In the Tavern     The Bruce promised a full three days together soon, but could not tell her when. Rather than torment herself with fruitless conjecture, Eireen decided the time had come to do a bit of sleuthing. Donning her winter dress, cloak and boots, she trudged the two blocks through the snow to … Continue reading Book Two Teaser


I'm still having trouble figuring out Eireen's birth sign. She's earthy and sensual with a business-like approach to her profession. Good money management and an innate ability to judge a man's character have allowed her to create a relatively comfortable lifestyle for herself. Over the years she has managed to accumulate a few heirloom quality … Continue reading Eireen

The Bruce Character Development

Taurus the Bull - Earth Sign - Planetary Ruler - Venus April 20th through May 21st   I just discovered that The Highlander's birth sign is actually TAURUS, The Bull - ruled by the planet Venus - which gives him a May birthday. I initially imagined him as CANCER, The Crab, ruled by the Moon, … Continue reading The Bruce Character Development

The Flamebearer’s Male Characters

Character Comparisons CIARAN - NATURALLY TANTRIC, Ciaran is a richly complex character, with elements of both strength and vulnerability, an almost naive emotional honesty, and a deeply felt need for love and intimacy. He is very direct, looking not just at you, but into you and through you, expressing an unfeigned desire to know you … Continue reading The Flamebearer’s Male Characters